Charles - Change Is Possible


He was distraught, destitute, and suffering from drug use.  He had been homeless several times and thought to be dead by his family.  GMays served him lunch at Desiard Street Shelter.  He walked with his head down mumbling to himself.

 “He needs the TLC of Elisha Ministries; please take him” said the shelter director.  Three days later, he was able to mumble “yea, I’ll stay” with a bizarre expression.

EM immediately obtained a medical exam…"positive for drugs,  acute psychosis, and intellectual disability". He was hospitalized.  EM picked him up from the hospital and provided him with a room at the Elijah House.  He attended  bible study and was welcomed by all.  Three months later, he attended the 3 C’s series (Character, Commitment and Citizenship) and shared his homeless experience. It was traumatic and painful…abandoned building, under bridges and “just anywhere I could rest”.  “I don’t know how it got so bad”. 

After 9 months, Charles is overjoyed at the blessings of  housing, spiritual transformation, and social support. When asked what has changed.  His response, “Everything”!

 Charles Has Changed!!!

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